Henny Penny FS-100 Shortening Shuttle


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Product Documents Product Specifications
  • Lightweight aluminum body for easy handling
  • Flexible drain hose with quick disconnect for convenience
  • Male disconnect
  • Reinforced, end-mounted wheel assembly with large 8 in (203 mm) wheels for easy pivoting and transport
  • Spout provides leverage for pivoting wheel end up—employees never have to lift loaded shuttle
  • Sealed hardwood handle minimizes heat transfer
  • Stainless steel wall hook mounts shuttle securely against wall in upright position when not in use


The Fryer Shortening Shuttle® is designed specifically for draining and transporting hot frying oil from open fryers to proper disposal containers. When properly used, the shuttle helps avoid spills and other safety concerns by eliminating the need to lift and carry hot oil in an open container. Spout height designed for a standard 55 gallon drum.

Bidding Specifications
Provide Henny Penny Fryer Shortening Shuttle®
FS100 for use in safely draining, transporting and disposing of spent hot frying oil. FS 100 is sized for disposal into standard 55 gallon drums.
Units shall incorporate:
• Containment body constructed of integral lightweight aluminum
• Flexible hose with quick disconnect fitting for use with all Henny Penny filtration-equipped fryers
• 8 in (203 mm) wheel assembly

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