SANTOS SAN43 Silent Shop Coffee Grinder With Bag Holder 43


Sturdy and powerful shop coffee grinder with bag holder, ideal for shops, supermarkets, coffee roasters, bakeries…

Easy to use and efficient, this coffee grinder will give you a high quality grinding.
Bag Holder: 360 mm (11″) high. Accepts bags from 250 gr to 1 kg.
Grinding adjustments: from extra fine to extra coarse.
Horizontal axis grinding discs, with feeding screw.
Simple direct dispensing of the coffee: fresh ground coffee.
Precision grinding: Ø 63,5 mm grinding dics which are designed and manufactured by Santos for a high quality grinding, precise and fine.
Powerful: commercial reliable induction motor.
Silent: 70.4 dBA
Hopper: 1.7 Kg.

Average output: 14 Kg / hour

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