SANTOS SAN42 Silent Portion Coffee Grinder 42


Portion coffee grinder with timer, ideal for hotels, bars, coffee shops, cafeterias…

Easy to use and efficient, this coffee grinder will give you a high quality grinding.
Precision grinding: Ø 63,5 mm grinding dics which are designed and manufactured by Santos for a high quality grinding, precise and fine.
Stepless grinding adjustments: from extra fine to extra coarse.
Horizontal axis grinding discs.
The amount of coffee distributed is set with a timer: adjustable portion from 10 to 750g.
Adjustable rails for all types of brew basket or drawers.
Delivered with a drawer (capacity 800 gr).
Silent: 63 dB.
Powerful: commercial reliable induction motor.
Hopper: 2 Kg.

Average output: 14 Kg / hour

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