Jet-Tech XG-37 Low Temp Underbar Rotary Commercial Glasswasher


Fill and dump style cycle uses less water and energy than traditional rotary glasswashers.
Unit plugs into standard 120V electrical outlet for an easy installation.
Computer controlled fill cycle allows for 75°F (24°C) rinse, providing clean glasses that are cool to the touch.
The sliding cover and cold water rinse prevent steam from escaping during and after the cycle.
Unique drainboard top provides integrated glassware landing area.
Exclusive design with side notch provides space for three one-gallon chemical containers within the 24″ by 24″ foot print.
Conveyor advance switch rotates conveyor one-half turn for easy loading and unloading of glassware.
Covers and drainboard top are easily removable for cleaning access.

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