Jet-Tech F-14 Multi-Purpose Ware Washer Counter Top Dishwasher built-in booster


Completely automatic wash and rinse cycles including one wash program at 150°F. (65°C.) and one rinse program at 185°F. (85°C.)
Hourly production: 20 racks of various items OR depending on rack insert used, the following quantities can be washed and rinsed:
     4-place insert for Blender Containers – 80 / hr.
     9-place insert for Glassware – 180 / hr.
     16-place insert for Glassware – 320 / hr.
     6-place insert for Dishes – 120 / hr.
Built-in automatic detergent pump for consistent results each time
Built-in automatic rinse-additive pump for sparkling final results

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