Jet-Tech 747HH High Hood Door Type Warewasher Dishwasher Deluxe


High hood opening facilitates the washing of tall items
Completely automatic wash and rinse programs with a wash cycle of 150°F (65°C) with detergent and rinse cycle of 185°F (85°C)
Model 747HH is built with twin wash motor pumps of 1 HP each (total of 2 HP) for greater power and enhanced performance
Insulated lower cabinet provides for a quieter operation
Automatic adjustable detergent and rinse-additive pumps are provided as standard equipment
Large capacity opening permits the washing of sheet pans and mixing bowls of up to 26″ high by 20″ wide
Door-activated automatic start and stop mechanism for ease and convenience
Designed to be installed either in a corner or straight pass-thru set-up

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